How Do I Meet People?

At Jollivue, we do honesty; we do real life.
No matter what your experience or background, whether you are a five-year old child, a eighty-four year old grandmother, a working mom, or retired businessman, we are all going through something. Life is hard. 
But, we believe that the hardness of life does not have to be done alone. 
At Jollivue, we do life with God and we do life together. 
We welcome you to be a part of our changing church community. Here is how you can get involved: 

Small Groups 


Have you ever tasted something really good and thought or said,

“I want more!” Are Sunday mornings like that for you? You’ve come to worship, you heard the word, and it’s just not enough? You are invited to Seconds, Wednesdays @ 6 PM. Together, we will feast on the Word!

Adult Learning 

Sunday morning Bible Study

Have you often asked questions about what you are reading in the Bible? Come and join us as we read, question, and learn together. We meet at 9:45 am in the Social Hall around back. All are welcome. Informal. We use study aides and from now through January we are studying the book of Acts. See what Luke has written for us to learn. 
Music is a large part of life. We have memories tied to songs; and our life experiences to music lyrics or favorite beats. In choir, we learn music that helps ourselves and others connect the off beat nature of life with the rhythms of God. We call this worship. We also call this praise! Join us Wednesday@ 7 PM.