Our Vision

At Jollivue, we envision a city, a community, a world, alive with hope found in Jesus Christ. 
We believe that there is no other authentic hope than the hope offered in Jesus Christ.
We acknowledge that life constantly challenges us to lose hope. Cancer, addiction, war, racism, even the day-to-day things of life can chip away at our hope for tomorrow.
At Jollivue, we know what it is like to feel lost and what it is like to feel found, because Hope found us. 
Because Hope found us, we know there is always hope; even when we feel lost, lonely, or unlovable.
Jesus came into the world to offer hope, “to seek and save the lost.” Luke 19:10, and Jesus continues to offer hope to the world today.

Our Mission

To have a city, community, and world alive with the hope of Jesus means that we have to be bearers of hope, willing participants in the mission that Jesus gave his closest friends,
“go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded..” Matthew 28:19
In other words, the mission of Jollivue UMC is to be hope for the hopeless. 
This means that We Are Actively Disciples; We Worship. We Serve. We Learn. We Change.
Always and in all ways, like Jesus.
Being hope for the hopeless is lived out inside and outside of church. 
In other words, we are active in our local schools, we study God’s word together, we work with other United Methodist Churches in Staunton, Virginia, and the world to share hope by combating malaria, praying for our community, and feeding the hungry, in the name of Jesus.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team serves God by recognizing that Jesus is our perfect example for leadership.

Jesus was a servant-leader; Jesus led those who followed him by serving God, and serving God meant that
Jesus sought to honor to God by doing God’s will in all things. We see this through Jesus’ life of worship lived in prayer, teaching, and acts of mercy. Jesus invited others to experience the goodness of God, and we invite others, through the Holy Spirit, to experience the goodness of God in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Carrie and Family

Rev. Carrie Moffitt, Pastor

Pastor Carrie has a passion for reaching the community of God. She began in ministry doing disaster relief and recovery missions. Her favorite part about Jollivue UMC is their willingness to try new ways of experiencing God in our world.  Carrie is married to Pastor Jesse, the pastor of Christ UMC in Staunton. When they aren’t hiking the trails in Shenandoah Valley or cooking, they are chasing their three boys around the house.

Donna Elkins, Music Leader

At Jollivue, Donna companions with Pastor Sarah in leading the church in worship. Growing up in a musical family, Donna has played the piano for many years and continues to use her gifts to praise God through music. While Donna may be found with the choir on Wednesday nights and before worship on Sunday mornings, Donna may be just as easily found serving food in the fellowship hall.

Mary Farrish, Lay Leader

Mary has been a long time member of Jollivue, and she is committed to seeing Jollivue grow and flourish! Mary has a heart for children, and you can often find her leading children’s time during worship. She also teaches our adult Sunday school class.


What we believe:

Jollivue UMC is small part of the larger community of the people of God who believe in God as the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that we can not totally define God, but that God is worthy of worship. God has always been at work within the world and we learn this through creation and through the Bible, the Old and New Testament. As God works, God reveals or teaches us about God’s self in order to extend love, relationship, and restoration to humanity. We believe that there is no greater expression of God’s love and grace than the life, death, resurrection, and second coming of Jesus Christ. Through the Spirit, we learn to love God and love others. We show our love to God and those around us in real and tangible ways.
To learn more about the United Methodist Church’s beliefs and activities, please click below http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/section-1-the-churches https://vaumc.org/ http://www.stauntondistrictumc.org/